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Intelligent Sport Websites

page last modified: 10/16/2013 06:55 AM

"Intelligent Sport Websites" not quite an oxymoron

Deadspin : Sports news without access, favor, or discretion.

Advanced NFL Stats: Intelligent analysis of America's game -- which is really a very strategic game, though hardly treated as such by coaches, announcers or league officials. Burke demonstrates using a variety of creative analytical tools, that coaches generally make shockingly poor strategic decisions, almost always too conservative, despite great stakes. Also Advanced NFL Stats Community

Team Rankings a data-driven perspective on sports

CommonCensus Sports Map Project : geography + sport statistics + demographics: A geek equivalent of George Costanza's Integration of Sex, Food and TV

ESPN NBA playoff standings: Standings that show where a team really stands, accounting for recent team performance and the difficulty of games remaining (home/away and quality of opponent). 

Cool standings: "Smart" standings for MLB, NFL and NHL as well as the NBA (yields slightly different than the espn results based on a different formula for estimating team strength)

Other  intelligent sites

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