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Research Grants

page last modified: 07/19/2017 09:16 AM

CASE Centre Case writing award 2016 for business case writing (Contamination at Lácteos Pacíficos)

Beyster Institute Employee Ownership (2012-13) Develop bibliographic Database

Employee Ownership Foundation (2011-12) Kelso Fellowship for employee ownership research

Rohm and Haas Sustainability Grant (2010-11) Systematic review on practices drive innovation for sustainable business

The Grace Institute for Democracy and Election Integrity (2009) Exit poll and election analysis of California November 2008 results

Center for Media and Democracy (2008) Establish SourceWatch Election Protection Wiki

The Silicon Valley Foundation (2008) Grants to conduct election verification exit polls and research to help ensure election integrity

Employee-Owned S-Corporations of America (2008) Cost-Benefit Analysis of ESOP Legislation

Alliance Holdings (2006-08) Grants to conduct research on employee ownership and ESOPs.

Vital Sparks Foundation (2006-10) Grants to conduct election verification exit polls

Velvet Revolution (2006-10) to conduct election verification exit polls and related research

Intrepid Equity (2004) Grant to conduct research on Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs).

Rochester Printing Industry Project (2003- 2006) Grant to study printing industry responses to adverse economic and technological conditions

High Performance Systems, Inc. (2003) Grant for work to develop quantitative models of organizational resilience using HPS iThink/ STELLA systems dynamics software

TRIAD (2001-02) Grant to study the organizational consequences of the September 11th attacks; extended to conduct a case study explaining the astounding recovery of one hard-hit firm

Centro Latinoamericano para la Competitividad y el Desarrollo Sostenible (1999-2003): Regional case study research sponsored by the Harvard Institute for International Development and the Avina Foundation

International Motor Vehicle Project, an MIT Sloan industry consortium (1996-99) PI managing projects on organizational change in the US auto industry; and organizational effects of adversity.

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