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Religious Stories

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Clergy and Congregation

A minister, priest and rabbi went for a hike one summer day. They were overheated and sweating when they came upon a small lake. Since it was fairly secluded, they took off their clothes and jumped in the water. Feeling refreshed, the trio decided to pick a few berries while enjoying their "freedom."

As they were crossing an open area, who should come along but a group of ladies from town!

Unable to get to their clothes in time, they scrambled for cover, the minister and priest covering their privates, the rabbi covering his face.

After the ladies left and the men got their clothes back on, the two who had covered their privates asked the rabbi why he covered his face.

He replied, "I don't know about you, but in my congregation, it's my face they would recognize."

Was it the Sermon or the Sponge Cake?

One Saturday morning, the rabbi noticed little David was staring up at the large plaque that hung in the foyer of the synagogue. It was covered with names, and small American flags were mounted on either side of it. The seven-year old had been staring at the plaque for some time, so the rabbi walked up, stood beside the boy, and said quietly, "Good morning David."

"Good morning rabbi," replied the young man, still focused on the plaque.

"Rabbi, what is this?" David asked.

"Well, son, it's a memorial to all the young men and women who died in the service."

Soberly, they stood together, staring at the large plaque. Little David's voice was barely audible when he asked, "Which service? Friday night or Saturday morning?"

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