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Finance, Accounting and Risk Management to Protect You, your Family and Business

In a world characterized by scams, soulless corporation, obfuscation and increasing encroachments on personal privacy,
Client1st is dedicated to honesty, relationship building, transparency, and absolute confidentiality of information. 

Our founding story: June 2024, After thirty years of award-winning teaching and applied research we've moved on with a mission: building a coalition of people and businesses on principals of merit, honest work and action, mutual respect and absolute confidentiality.

We draw on the experience, work ethic and integrity of our finest students and colleagues -- providing you with unsurpassed expertise, customer service and reliability in finance, accounting, and risk management.

All with minimal overhead costs. Thus the best service at the best price.

Clients1st Capabilities

·  Tax Accounting including international tax filings

·  Financial Accounting including international filings

·  Managerial Accounting including development of Key Performance Indicators and other Managerial Decision-Making tools

·  Bookkeeping with capacity to work in multiple currencies, as well as non-traditional currencies and assets[1]

·  Risk management including cybersecurity

·  Insurance including umbrella and special needs coverage

·  Financial management and advising including non-traditional investments

The Clients1st Promise

Clients1st works for you and you alone. We do not take additional fees or kickbacks of any kind for any service or product we recommend.

Clients1st will never sell or share[2] anything about you or any of your data in any form �“ encoded[3] or otherwise �“ to any entity including government agencies unless clearly required by law[4] and agreed to by you.

Clients1st Practice

·  We avoid and help you avoid entities that leave clients in the lurch for ideological reasons or power politics.  [5]

·  We avoid and help you avoid entities that betray customer privacy.[6]

·  We employ cybersecurity specialists to provide maximum protection for you and your data.

Additional Clients1st activities

Clients1st advocates for

·  Unburdening small business

oReduced governmental obstacles to enterprise[7]

oReduced licensing requirements[8]

·  Fair market competition

o Abolishment of racial and sexual biases

oRe-enforcement of antimonopoly policies, especially in high tech.

oEnd to reverse-Robin-Hood government giveaways to the rich

oAn end to “Too big to fail”

oAn end to taxation favortism to the biggest and most powerful corporations.[9]

·  Reduced taxation levels

oFiscal restraints on governmental spending

oLimits on welfare; an end to corporate welfare

oZero-based budgeting

oRe-establishment of Golden fleece award

·  Limits on governmental power and jurisdiction

oReduced governmental agency overreach

oReduced judicial overreach; an end to lawfare.

·  Human rights

oConstitutionally protected rights �“ Freedom of expression, information, assembly, etc.…[10]

oRights to privacy -- freedom from incursions on privacy by corporations and government.

·  Responsive government

oHonest elections

oNational sovereignty, i.e. minimal transfer of authority to international agencies[11]

oState sovereignty, i.e. minimal transfer of authority to federal agencies[12]

oHome rule, minimal transfer of essentially local issues to authorities further removed from the locale.


[1] E.g., cryptocurrencies, precious metals, art, etc.…

[2] Privacy policies often say they will “not sell data”, but they common�����������­ly employ easy loopholes. beginning with the word “sell” itself. But a company that says it will not sell your data is still free to share your data with a business partner, or in many other ways.

For example, to keep customers coming back, Acme Hardware store might offer repeat customers a small discount if they enroll them in a loyalty program, recording their name, address, phone number, email, etc.

Acme promotes its business by occasionally emailing special offers. The company wants the emails to be effective, so they take into account previous sales, and it promotes the same sort of stuff to them again. To the gardeners, a potting mix at 10% off, to the home repair people a two-for-one on screwdrivers … you get the idea. Yet, despite Acme efforts, sales are not growing. It seems that ever more people are buying things from giant online retailers.

So, Acme picks one and joins their partners program. Yippee! Now Acme can sell online, leveraging the huge retailer’s massive list of customers which they share with Acme in exchange for Acme sharing its loyalty list database with them.

And Presto! Now Huge Retailer knows everything that Acme knows about you including every product you’ve ever purchased. Acme did not sell your data �“ no money ever changed hands… merely shared it with a business partner, Huge Retailer.

Unfortunately, this kind of practice is widespread not only in retail, but financial services as well … data you definitely do NOT want shared. To protect you against it is one of the reasons why we created Clients1st

[3] firms and agencies also often claim that data is strictly confidential, and only

[4] under any circumstance … unless under force of arms by govern�����������­ment, and even then, only after alerting you about the action.

[5] E.g. Amazon’s abrupt cut off of capacity to Parlor; Twitter and facebook capricious cancellation of accounts; GoFundMe cutoff to Canadian truckers, etc…

[6] E.g. Verizon stealth provision of customer phone logs; Bank of America in sharing customer bank records. 

[7] E.g. Clarkson farm

[8] E.g. Amos miller

[9] E.g., that for decades now, Amazon has not had to charge sales taxes, while all local merchants … those who actually support and provide the backbone of the community … did.

[10] Not all countries have constitutionally protected rights, but we advocate for them and their strengthening everywhere …

[11] . E.g. the WHO, and only then under carefully considered and after full and open debated.

[12] E.g. the CDC, and only then under carefully considered and after full and open debated

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