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Boston Innovation

Boston Innovation History, Delphi Group - Innovation Advisor, Innovation Economy, Synectics

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): Media Lab, System Dynamics, Museum 150 exhibition (for MIT's 150th Anniversary in 2011)


Ten mental locks that obstruct creative thinking (pdf)


Irish hand dancing, Pilobolus Dance Theatre, Tango. And here is a paper I wrote on learning tango in Buenos Aires.

Discussion Groups

Linkedin, Yahoo ((primarily an archive), Facebook ciow (Creativity and Innovation in Organization and Work), other Announcement, Archive and Discussion Groups


Chemical Party, Doodling in Math Class, Project Based Learning

Related Courses: A Systems Approach to Crisis Prepara-tion and Building Organizational Resilience; U.Penn (DYN 672) listing; Research Writing Workshop



Dance: Contact Improvisation, Philadelphia Area Improvisational Dance,

Theater/Comedy: Philadelphia Area Improv


Songs about Work & Life, Chemical Heritage Foundation

Lessons from the Arts

Miha Pogačnik: classical concert violinist, world-renowned for inspiring organizational transformation and leadership

Open Innovation

InnoCentive - Open Innovation Marketplace: Seeker organizations post challenges with substantial rewards

The Rockefeller-InnoCentive Partnership: resources for researchers and entrepreneurs addressing innovation needs of the poor

X Prize a multi-million dollar award given for radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity

Techniques and Tools

Innovation Tools articles on business innovation, creativity and brainstorming


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