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ARMs Learning Exchange Conference 2018

Applied Research Methods II Saturday, December 1, 2018

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Sylvia PresentingSylvia Liu presenting the complexities of interactions and interests involved in the international secondary school student market. Her research documents ignorance, corruption and abuse in this large and growing industry.

On Saturday, December 1, 2018, Darshi Mody and I hosted the 2nd annual “DSL Applied Research Methods Learning Exchange Conference.” The internal conference showcases pilot research projects conducted by doctoral candidates who have completed Applied Research Methods I (DSL 702) and are completing Applied Research Methods II (DSL 706). Presenters and topics for the 2018 conference included:

 § Valerie Andrews: Questionnaires and Conversations on Clergy Help

 § Joy AzikiwePreparing Academics for Leadership Responsibilities

 § Nick Zhao: Applying Online Technology in the Restaurant Industry

 § Sylvia Liu: The Unspoken Pains of Studying Abroad

 § Paul Raison: The Social Business Model of the Future Paradigm

 § Odell Jones: Assessing In-house Talent for Leadership Roles

 § Amna Al-Alawi: Twitter Sentiment Analysis of CSR Initiatives: Millennials vs. LIWC

 § Pamela Tull: JCIPE Interprofessional Practice Program’s Impact on Patient Healthcare

 § Robyn Chin: The Succession Dilemma: Why small business owners do not plan for succession


Class members from both courses also contribute as discussants to others’ presentations providing critical evaluations, posing questions for discussion and suggesting constructive ways to improve the work. (Below: David, Frank Rivello, Raul, and Nick)

Joining the DSL community are guests invited by faculty and by the presenters – family, professional colleagues, sponsors, and others interested in this presentations.Left: Sagar, Dr. Joel Adler, Gregory, Pamela, and Val. Right: Dr. Rosa Colon-Kolacko and Joy


This year approximately 40 people attended the nine presentations. Some of those attending Valerie Andrews' presentation are pictured below with discussants Pamela and Greg (top row left) and Darshi and Val (middle).


Audience reaction to the presentations was overwhelmingly favorable. Typical was one anonymous comment on Val's presentation: I applaud Valerie for tackling a relevant issue. I think her group interventions can become a national model.

The presentations and associated papers are planned to be uploaded to the Jefferson  Digital Commons, the scholarly online repository of the Jefferson Library,  giving students an academic publication, the opportunity to further promote their work, and to provide copyright protection for the ideas and insights they  have developed.

Here are the conference photos taken by Syed Kazmi.  For more information on the event and the presentations, see the Applied Research Methods Learning Exchange Conference webpage.

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