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Applied Research Methods Learning Exchange Conference

page last modified: 12/26/2018 01:13 PM

Sylvia PresentingSylvia Liu presenting the complexities of interactions and interests involved in the international secondary school student market. Her research documents ignorance, corruption and abuse in this large and growing industry.

The Jefferson Applied Research Methods Learning Exchange Conference showcases the work of DSL doctoral candidates completing their second doctoral level research methods course.

2nd ARMs Learning Exchange Conference December 1, 2018

1st ARMs Learning Exchange Conference November 18, 2017

Presenters are held to high standards in with regard to essential elements emphasized throughout the Applied Research Methods curriculum:

Audience reaction to the presentations was overwhelmingly favorable. For example, in response to our feedback question, “Is the purpose of the research project compelling?” an overwhelming 91% of the audience replied with the top response option (Figure 1; other feedback questionnaire responses are available on the specific Conference webpage)

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